Book Launch signing

Book Launch signing

Thanks to everyone who attended the Book Launch. ‘Celia’s Secret’ is now reaching a wider audience through radio and TV interviews and reviews.   A feature article based on one of the themes of the book, ‘Deception’, will be published very soon in a major UK newspaper (available worldwide).

I’ve been busy networking and marketing the book.  I’m meeting so many interesting people and have been able to make contact with two other second cousins who have been led to me as a result of reading about the book.

Every day brings new surprises and opportunities – so many positive things are happening! 

The Death of Helena Blunden

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Message for Martha

Warm congratulations on a very beautiful memoir.  I read it over the Easter holidays and I found it compulsive reading. ‘Celia’s Secret’ is a very poignant story, told with great sensitivity.  It reveals your own admirable strength of character and a...