About Martha

I was born and educated in south Manchester and have worked in the world of banking, social services, industry and education. I always loved writing but did not consider it a practical occupation until after my retirement. For many years, I had wanted to write my story about the impact which a family secret had on my life. Writing my memoir provided me with a way of analysing and evaluating my experiences in order to work through a process of reconciliation.

I find writing an intensely personal activity and, although it can be isolating, I relish my involvement with the world of literature and the pitfalls of publishing.  I am a member of the Manchester Irish Writers and The Historical Novel Society and attend various book fairs, workshops and conferences in the UK.   I live in Heaton Moor in Stockport with my husband David and I enjoy a very busy life, caring for my family and grandchildren and absorbed in my writing.  I have always been an avid pursuer of the truth but, at the same time, I understand that there are two, or more, sides to every story.  Life’s complicated!

My second book, currently being researched, is an historical novel set in Northern Ireland. The incidents in the story are entirely fictitious but in another world in another time, they could actually have happened.   I am also collaborating with my daughter, Clare, on a series of children’s books.